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We at Kelly Contractors are a recognized leader in North Carolina for site development. We specialize in excavation, demolition and grading. Our team incorporates precise GPS services. Founded by Mac Kelly in 2004, KELLY CONTRACTORS has earned a solid reputation for on time and high quality site performance. This, coupled with competitive pricing, helps us exceed customers' expectations.

When you need excavation, demolition and grading services in North Carolina, give us a call. We will discuss your site development options.

We Offer:

Site Development - We will move earth for large and small projects. The trained field crews we have are professionals in site development.

Grading - Our grading services range from bulk to finish grading projects. The professionals we have will use their expertise to do your job the way it should be done.

Demolition - Prior to site development, many customers need a structure demolished. These projects need to be handled with care. Our demolition crews do exactly that.


North Carolina demolition, excavation, grading and site development.

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